Kitty City - Fast and Furious, Adventureland, Ninja Blade, Wanted: Weapons of Fate, and Drew Struzan's movie poster art

Can Fast and Furious be redeemed after Tokyo-drifting off course? Experience the joys of Adventureland! Ninja Blade and Wanted, two approaches to over-the-top action. Plus, Drew Struzan art we want!

This week in Movies:

The Fast and the Furious franchise has certainly seen a decrease in quality in 3 iterations. The newest installment, Fast and Furious aims to get the series back on track by reteaming the original cast and dropping the 'the's'. Alex, Dan, and Jeff throw the pedal down in their review.

Another coming of age film from the director of Superbad has the guys waxing nostalgic for their high school summer jobs. Does Adventureland deliver?

This week in Video Games:

The new Xbox 360 exclusive, Ninja Blade, might be one of the most derivative games to be released on the console. Meanwhile, Wanted: Weapons of Fate introduces some interesting new ideas in a licensed movie game. The guys discuss the merits of Quick-Time Events in third-person action games, and the fun to be found in a couple of decidedly less-than-AAA titles.


Alex, Dan, and Jeff visit an art gallery featuring the work of classic movie-poster artist, Drew Struzan and pick out thier favorites.

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