Skip Away - Too Human preview, Hancock, Battlefield: Bad Company, Beverly Hills Cop 4, and Fireball Island!

Can we sign off on Hancock? How human is Too Human? Should we fall in with Bad Company? Funny or serious Sherlock Holmes? What should be next for Eddie Murphy? Plus, we dodge fireballs!

This week in Movies:

This week brings yet another superhero film, and this time Will Smith is a reluctant do-gooder who needs a PR make-over. Is Hancock Alex, Dan, and Jeff's new anti-hero? Or are they anti-Hancock?

After a glut of summer movie reviews, Dan finally gets to discuss some of the most interesting news of the last few weeks, including the two - yes two! - Sherlock Holmes films in development (and they are very different), and the idea of a 4th Beverly Hills Cop .

This week in Video Games:

Alex, Dan, and Jeff get their hands on an early build of Too Human, a game with a storied history. Are they excited for the final product?

Battlefield: Bad Company is the first Battlefield game to feature a story-driven campaign mode. Do the guys dig the make-over?


Raised on Rad returns as the guys get a chance to play an old game from their childhood, Fireball Island!

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