Little CHC - Reviews of the Bank Job and Rainbow 6 Vegas 2

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Little CHC - Reviews of the Bank Job and Rainbow 6 Vegas 2

We work The Bank Job, double down on Rainbow Six Vegas 2, and take Guitar Hero: On Tour. Plus, year 2 starts with a sequel to our own Chew on This!

This week in Movies:

Alex, Dan, and Jeff suit up to watch suit-fighter extraordinaire Jason Statham rob the mob in his newest film, The Bank Job. Does he get away with it? Pixar's Brad Bird is a certifiable animated movie genius, but his new project will be a live action disaster film! The guys try to predict the number of casualties.

This week in Video Games:

Ubisoft's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is the sequel to one of Alex, Dan, and Jeff's favorite games of '06. Does it continue the fun, or was it rushed?

The Guitar Hero franchise is making its way to the DS, with some pretty surprising attachments. The guys discuss Guitar Hero: On Tour's unique approach.


Way back in Episode 3, Alex, Dan, and Jeff tore into some food and some topics with their Chew on This! segment. Now, 50 episodes later, the guys offer a sequel to Chew on This! discussing, what else, sequels!

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