Maniac - Ghostbusters: The Video Game, Taking of Pelham 123, Moon, and Alex's Rad Room Tour

We aint 'fraid of no Ghostbusters: The Video Game. Should you be taking or leaving the Taking of Pelham 123? We're over the moon for Moon! Plus, Alex's rad tour.

This week in Movies:

Tony Scott and Denzel Washington team up once again for the subway heist thriller,The Taking of Pelham 123. Are Alex, Dan, and Jeff along for the ride?

Moore's Law has meant that the technology needed for high-end special effects has gotten cheaper and more accessible. As a result, one of the first "low-budget" sci-fi effects films hits theaters this week. The guys take a look at Sam Rockwell in Moon and see a bright future for the sub-genre.

This week in Video Games:

With all the voice and writing talent of the movies on board, can Ghostbusters: The Video Game capture the magic that made the franchise so classic? Ghostbuster superfans Alex, Dan, and Jeff strap on their proton packs to find out.


Alex provides a look of his favorite geek belongings in the second of the TRS Geek Tours.

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