Thursday, Oct 28th - Monsters & Paranormal Activity 2

Will Monsters or Paranormal Activity 2 be your perfect scary movie this Halloween? We don costumes and look at both!

Two new scare-tactic new films have hit theaters for Halloween, both with a simple, independent, low-budget approach to tried and true genres. Monsters is a road trip movie set after the outbreak of an Alien invasion, following a man and woman as they try to get back into the U.S. From Mexico. Paranormal Activity 2 is the follow up to the innovative "found footage" horror movie, and just might be more than an empty cash-grab sequel. Alex, Dan, and Jeff put on their Halloween costumes and let you know which is a trick and which is a treat.

Be sure to check back tomorrow when the guys take a look at the new AMC TV series, The Walking Dead!