More Wishes - Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Wrestler, Auditorium, All Star Superman, and Secret Identity

Is Benjamin Button just Forrest Gump redux? We get bodyslammed by The Wrestler! Play Auditorium! Plus, Superman comics: is there one Dan will love?

This week in Movies:

Alex, Dan, and Jeff start off with the new Fincher/Pitt collaboration, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. They have had very high expectations for the film, does it live up?

And Darren Aronofsky's newest, The Wrestler has been gaining a lot of Oscar buzz. Do the guys smell what Mickey Rourke is cooking?

This week in Video Games:

The last couple of months have been a non-stop onslaught of new, high-profile $60 games. For the last show of 2008, Alex, Dan, and Jeff take a look at one example of a great, completely free game, Auditorium, and discuss the ways in which paying for games is changing.

This Week in Comics:

Somehow the guys have never discussed the grandaddy of all superheroes, Superman. They remedy that situation this week with with two very different trade paperbacks, the new All Star Superman, and the classic, Superman: Secret Identity.

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