Mr. Thathing - The Reader, Skate 2, Puzzle Quest: Galactrix, 500 Days of Summer trailer, Eat Lead, Battlestar Galactica props!

Does the The Reader impress the viewers? Skate 2: tubular or bogus? Hands-on with the new Puzzle Quest! Sundance's must buzzworthy film! Plus, everything must go at BSG!

This week in Movies:

With the announcement of the Academy Award nominations this week, Alex, Dan, and Jeff check out the one Best Picture candidate they have yet to review, The Reader. Their reactions may surprise you.

A trailer has been released for 500 Days of Summer, one of the films receiving tons of buzz at Sundance, and it causes some wildly different opinions among the guys.

This week in Video Games:

EA's grounded, open-world approach to skating has gotten a sequel. Alex, Dan, and Jeff grab their virtual boards and check out Skate 2.

The guys got to visit LA-based publisher D3, and have come away with high hopes for Puzzle Quest: Galactrix and Eat Lead: The Return og Matt Hazard.


Following the show's last taping, all of the set pieces and props from Battlestar Galactica are being auctioned off to the public! Alex, Dan, and Jeff, were able to take a tour of the warehouse to see all of the rad sci-fi memorabilia.

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