Mum - Bruno, Overlord 2, 500 Days of Summer, a new Mechwarrior, and Jeff's Rad Tour

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Mum - Bruno, Overlord 2, 500 Days of Summer, a new Mechwarrior, and Jeff's Rad Tour

Can Bruno out-Borat? Overlord 2 lets us get eeevil. Is 500 Days of Summer everything we hoped? The Mechwarrior franchise is back! Plus, Jeff's Rad Tour!

This week in Movies:

Sacha Baron Cohen created a new cultural icon in 2006 with Borat, and now he's back with another of his characters from Da Ali G Show. Are Alex, Dan, and Jeff gay for Bruno?

When they discussed the trailer for 500 Days of Summer back in episode 97, Dan and Jeff were certain it was going to be one of their favorite movies of the year, and Alex was unimpressed. But Dan's Doctrine states that whenever Alex dislikes a trailer, he ends up loving the movie. Which predictions are correct? Does the Doctrine hold up? Find out as the guys finally review the film.

This week in Video Games:

Not very many games allow you to be quite as evil as Overlord 2. Between commanding minions of the onderworld and clubbing baby seals, there isn't much left for a true dark lord to do. Can Alex, Dan and Jeff get into the mayhem, or does the RTS/3rd person action hybrid gameplay fail to excite?

The Mechwarrior series of PC games took the fictional world of Battlemechs and presented the action as if it were real, simulating the technical aspects of piloting a giant robot. The recent announcement of a reboot to the Mechwarrior franchise has the guys discussing mechs, simulators, and dormant genres.


It is time for the third in our series of Rad Tours. Dan and Alex have shown off their geek havens in episodes 113 and 117, respectively. Now it is Jeff's turn!

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