Nash Out - Halo Wars, Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li, Green Hornet and Clue news, Oscar wager results

Should you enlist in the Halo Wars? Is the Legend of Chun Li a Van Damme-as-Guile level abomination of cinema? Guess who the directors are for Green Hornet and Clue now! Plus, an Oscar wager is paid!

This week in Movies:

Ever, optimistic, Alex, Dan, and Jeff sit down to see the new video game-based movie, Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li, hoping beyond hope that it is better than 1994's Street Fighter.

A couple of directors you might not expect have been announced at the helm of the upcoming films, Green Hornet and Clue. What do the guys think of these unconventional choices?

This week in Video Games:

Sure Halo has been a fantastic, high-quality FPS franchise on the Xbox, but can the universe support an RTS? And is it possible that they have figured out a control scheme that makes real-time strategy work on a console? Alex, Dan, and Jeff attempt to answer these question in their discussion of Halo Wars.

But that's not the only game the guys have been playing this week. More playtime has resulted in more thoughts about Street fighter IV and Puzzle Quest: Galactrix.


This year's Academy Awards had some upsets and some no-brainers. Which of the TRS guys was able to predict the most winners? Find out as payment is paid this week with the results of episode 98's Oscar Wager.

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