The Gauntlet - 21, Ninja Gaiden DS, The Wire vs the Shield, and John Adams

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The Gauntlet - 21, Ninja Gaiden DS, The Wire vs the Shield, and John Adams

Is 21 a bust? Ninja Gaiden DS tests our skills on the stylus. Plus, we tap The Wire, and form a more perfect union with John Adams.

This week in Movies:

21 is the new film adaptation of Bringing Down the House, a book detailing the former MIT blackjack team, and its efforts to take Las Vegas for millions by counting cards. Alex, Dan, and Jeff ante up to give their take.

Ben Stiller's returns to directing this summer with the action comedy, Tropic Thunder. The guys offer their impressions of the trailer.

This week in Video Games:

Team Ninja's popular Ninja Gaiden series has always held a high standard for challenge and responsiveness in the action genre. The newest entry introduces a bold new control scheme, designed specifically for the Nintendo DS. Alex, Dan, and Jeff unleash their styluses (styli?) on Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword.

This week in TV:

The gauntlet has been thrown down between gritty cop dramas. The guys finally get around to discussing the fan-favorite HBO series, The Wire, and make the inevitable comparison to The Shield.

Speaking of HBO, the "not TV" network has debuted a new miniseries chronicling one of America' founding fathers, John Adams. Alex, Dan, and Jeff eat their broccoli and start their history lesson.


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