Nubbins - Observe and Report, Killzone 2, Madworld, Moon, I Love You Man, Star Wars Legos, and Webby Announcements!

We Observe and Report on Seth Rogen's latest so you don't have to. Is Killzone 2 a PS3 killerapp? Madworld: Wii for grownups? Raised on Rad with Legos! And exclusive Webby Nominations!

This week in Movies:

The suddenly-crowded mall cop comedy movie genre takes an odd turn with Seth Rogen's Observe and Report. Alex, Dan, and Jeff work through their feelings about it, and discuss the other big comedy release of the month, I Love You, Man.

The advances in technology that allow even low-budget films to incorporate believable special effect have the guys excited for the possibilities of independent sci-fi films. Case in point, the new trailer for Moon.

This week in Video Games:

This week, Alex, Dan, and Jeff talk about two huge system exclusives, Killzone 2 for PS3, and Madworld for Wii. Do they live up to the hype?


Raised on Rad returns as Alex, Dan, and Jeff tackle some new Star Wars Lego sets. Will it be as fun as they remember?

And stay tuned for the end of the show for some exclusive nominations for the Webby Awards!

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