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Jumper: Dan's most anticipated movie of '08 already? The first new Indiana Jones trailer in 20 years! Spore has a release date. Plus, Scalped and Iron Fist

This week in Movies:

Dan thinks that Doug Liman, director of the Bourne Identity, Swingers, and Go, has a flawless resume of exceptional films, which is why his newest, Jumper, tops Dan's list of most exciting releases for '08. The guys check out the film to see if it lives up to the anticipation.

Meanwhile, Jeff's most anticipated film for '08, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls, has its first trailer. Does it rekindle the series' old magic?

This week in Video Games

Will Wright's highly ambitious new project, Spore, finally has a release date. Alex, Dan, and Jeff discuss new info about the project once-dubbed "Sim-Everything"

This week in comics:

Artist on DC's All-New Atom and friend of the show, Mike Norton, has a couple recommendations for the guys: Scalped and the Immortal Iron Fist.

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