The Totally Rad Show


Shoot 'em Up: Does all-action and no plot work? Soul Code: Can the director of Tron do it again? Bioshock: Game of the Year? Tabula Rasa: Better than WoW? Plus, the results of the Summer Wager!

This week in Movies:

Alex, Dan, and Jeff empty their clips into the new action film, Shoot 'em Up.

It has been 20 years since Steve Lisberger made his only film, Tron. The guys discuss the potential of his new project, Soul Code.

This week in Games:

Bioshock is the prohibitive favorite for game of the year. The guys look at the ridiculous number of AAA titles being released this year and predict whether Bioshock can live up.

Richard Garriott and his team started the MMO genre with Ultima Online. The guys take a look at Garriott's newest MMO Tabula Rasa, which aims to be just as ground breaking.


Summer has come and gone, and with it the epic Summer Box Office Wager! Can you guess who won?