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Soul Poppin

The Golden Compass gets us lost. Will we go, speed, go to see Speed Racer? Feeling Sony's Pain. A review of the Jeff Gerstmann/Gamespot controversy. Plus, are Computer Fairs still cool?

This week in Movies:

Alex, Dan, and Jeff check out the newest fantasy novel series-turned special effects extravaganza, The Golden Compass. Does it capture their imaginations, or sever their daemons?

The Wachowski brothers have been pretty quiet since the third Matrix film's release. The guys check out the trailer to their new film, an adaptation of the popular Saturday morning cartoon series, Speed Racer.

This week in Video Games:

Alex, Dan, and Jeff download the new PSN title, Pain and throw themselves through a couple of hours of jackassery.

The internet gaming press has exploded with the news and rumors surrounding the firing of Jeff Gerstmann from The guys take a step back and discuss the idea of reviewing video games, numeric scoring, and how TRS relates.


Alex, Dan, and Jeff head to Pomona for to an old-school Computer Show and Fair. Is it still worthwhile?

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