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The guys hitch a ride on Darjeeling Limited, does it stay on track? Halo 3: Is it really a 10? Invincible: A modern classic superhero comic or the same old story? Plus, Alex, Dan, and Jeff pick their favorite movies of the summer and offer up some forum Q&A!

This Week in Movies:

Three bros take a spiritual journey into India in Wes Anderson's new film, Darjeeling Limited, and our three bros go along for the ride.

The blockbuster movie season has come and gone, and the guys reminisce about their favorite movies of the Summer.

This week in Games:

The biggest game release of the year has landed. Before leaving for London, Alex, Dan, and Jeff get together to "finish the fight".

This week in Comics:

Robert Kirkman's Invincible is a throwback to the early Stan Lee Spider-Man comics - with a twist. The guys discuss whether this classic style is still relevent.


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