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A very important warning about Southland Tales! The guys man up and form a Rock Band. Does the Wii Zapper hit the mark with Link's Crossbow Training? Plus, indie comics, Black Hole and Street Angel.

This week in Movies:

Donnie Darko director Richard Kelly's second film, Southland Tales, has finally been released. Alex, Dan, and Jeff saw it so you don't have to.

Movie trailers can get us excited about movies, but Jeff think they might just ruin the experience. The guys discuss.

This week in Video Games:

It's wild peripherals galore this week with Rock Band and the Wii Zapper. The guys bang the drum, jam the plastic axe, and blast targets in the comfort of their own home (well, Steve's home).

They even try to zap Nazi's, Wii-style with Medal of Honor Heroes 2.

This week in Comics:

Comic artist and friend of the show Ed Piskor comes through with some comic book recommendations from the more independent side of the industry.

The guys check out Charles Burns' Black Hole and Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca's Street Angel.

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