Radshire - Forbidden Kingdom, Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII, God of War: Chains of Olympus, Patapon, and RenFair

We gain access to the Forbidden Kingdom and bring our PSPs to play God of War, Crisis Core, Patapon, and Locoroco. Plus, a day at the Renaissance Pleasure Fair!

This week in Movies:

For the first time ever, kung fu superstars Jackie Chan and Jet Li are in the same movie! Alex, Dan, and Jeff get whisked away to the Forbidden Kingdom and decide if the experience lives up to the double billing.

It looks like Akira Kurosawa's classic, Seven Samurai is going to be remade. Alex and Jeff haven't even seen the original and still think this might not be a good idea.

This week in Video Games:

Alex, Dan, and Jeff have had a week with their new PSP handhelds, and they've gone crazy trying out a bunch of games. God of War: Chains of Olympus, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, Patapon, and Locoroco all get the Totally Rad trreatment.


The guys travel back in time to the age of kings, knights, and giant turkey legs by visiting the Renaissance Pleasure Fair.

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