Model III - Eagle Eye, Miracle at St. Anna, Wario Land: Shake It, Legendary, Velvet Assassin, TRS-80 Model III

We spy on Eagle Eye and behold the Miracle at St. Anna. Old school platforming goes Wii in Wario Land: Shake It. Early looks at Gamecock's upcoming games. Plus, celebrate TRS 80 with a real TRS-80!

This week in Movies:

Just as Shia LaBeouf's last thriller, Disturbia, was an update of the classic Hitchcock film, Rear Window, the actor's newest vehicle, Eagle Eye, looks to be a modern re-telling of North by Northwest. Alex, Dan, and Jeff decide if it is worth watching.

Director Spike Lee's latest film, Miracle at St. Anna, is a sprawling, ambitious World War II film. Can the guys handle it?

This week in Video Games:

Yearn for those old days of 2D Super Mario Bros platforming? Nintendo has you covered with Wario Land: Shake It. Alex, Dan, and Jeff give it a fair shake, to see if the new school twist fits with the old school gameplay.

Jeff and Dan hung out with some of the devs at Gamecock to see a early sneak peeks at Legendary, Velvet Assassin, and Mushroom Men.

Bungie made a huge announcement that turned out to be... more Halo 3. The guys react.


In celebration of their own TRS 80, Jeff shows the guys his first TRS-80 and starts reminiscing about the demo scene.

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