Shuttlecock - Iron Man, Grand Theft Auto IV, and Secret Invasion

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Shuttlecock - Iron Man, Grand Theft Auto IV, and Secret Invasion

Wall-to-wall blockbusters this week! Could Iron Man be the best superhero movie ever? Could GTA IV be the best open-world game ever? Could Marvel's Secret Invasion be the most exciting comic event of all time?

This week in Movies:

Summer movie season officially kicks off with the release of Iron Man and Alex, Dan, and Jeff blow the doors off the funvee with their review!

Not one but 2 huge Marvel superhero movies will hit in Summer '08. The guys make their predictions based on the newest trailer for The Hulk.

This week in Video Games:

In the world of video games, there is big, AAA release - and then there's GTA IV. Alex, Dan, and Jeff dive into Liberty City and come back up for air, just long enough to give their impressions.

But GTA isn't just a game franchise, it is also a political lightning rod. The guys discuss the ramifications of IV's popularity on the hobby they love.

This week in Comics:

Huge summer releases aren't just reserved for Movies and Video Games. Marvel's giant summer crossover, Secret Invasion, has begun, and the guys weigh in on the Skrulls' insidious plan.

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