Simulacrum - Angels and Demons, The Brothers Bloom, Sacred 2: Fallen Angel, Tony Hawk's Ride, Tour of Dan's pad

The good and bad of Angels and Demons, Could The Brothers Bloom be the best movie of the year? Sacred 2 gets a second chance on 360. Tony Hawk's Ride comes with what now? And Dan's stuff, by Dan!

This week in Movies:

The sequel to the Da Vinci Code sees Tom Hanks and Ron Howard re-teaming to once again save the Catholic Church from itself. Does Angels and Demons pack the right summer movie punch to make Alex, Dan, and Jeff among the converted?

The guys have a new favorite camel. See the movie that has them falling all over each other to praise it. See The Brothers Bloom.

This week in Video Games:

What better time than summer for an epic RPG? Alex, Dan, and Jeff pour dozens of hours into the 360 release of Sacred 2: Fallen Angel and come away pretty impressed with its size, scope, and multiplayer goodness.

The new Tony Hawk skateboarding game has been revealed. What do the guys think of the new peripheral?


Inspired by Geek House Tours, Dan uses his new compact camera to show the things in his house that he treasures most.

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