Wellmo - Dark Knight, Hellboy 2, E3 preview, and The Killing Joke

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Wellmo - Dark Knight, Hellboy 2, E3 preview, and The Killing Joke

Does Dark Knight continue what Batman Begins began? Does Hellboy 2 fire us up? We put our balls on the table for E3. Plus, should you read The Killing Joke?

This week in Movies:

Two more giant comic book movies this week - and two epic sequels.

First off, Alex, Dan, and Jeff get an early look at The Dark Knight- in IMAX, no less. Is the world's biggest screen big enough to contain this film?

Then, a very different comic book movie in the form of Hellboy 2: The Golden Army. Will Del Toro's fantasy seem silly next to Nolan's gritty realism?

This week in Video Games:

It is that time of year again - the biggest week in the video game industry. Just before heading out to shoot next week's E3 blow-out show, Alex, Dan, and Jeff take a second to assess what might be in store from the big 3 platform holders.

Be sure to tune in to next week's episode to see the guys' full take on E3, from behind closed doors!


A momentous comic book movie deserves a momentous comic book segment, so the guys take a look at last year's re-release of one of the most important Batman/Joker tales in all of comic-dom, The Killing Joke!

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