Stamen - GTA IV: The Lost and Damned, Puzzle Quest: Galactrix, Flower, Waltz with Bashir

Will GTA IV's new DLC make you feel Lost and Damned? The PS3 gets Flower power! Can an animated documentary work? Movie trilogies ranked! Plus, Jeff v. Alex at the Puzzle Quest release party!

This week in Movies:

Alex, Dan, and Jeff discuss a very unique film this week, the Best Foriegn Language Oscar nominee, Waltz with Bashir. Is it possible a documentary in Hebrew about a war in Lebanon can actually be... cool?

The guys debate the merits of this chart, which tries to graph the relative qualities of several major film trilogies. Is it geek science or weak sauce?

This week in Video Games:

Two major downloadable releases this week. First, That Game Company's gorgeous, sanguine antidote to dark, violent shooters, Flower. Will Alex, Dan, and Jeff be dazzled by its simple beauty, or yearn for more substance?

Then, the ultimate violent, adult video game series, Grand Theft Auto, gets a new main character with the download-only add-on, The Lost and Damned. Is it a bold new direction or more of the same?


As possibly the world's most outspoken Puzzle Quest fans, Alex, Dan, and Jef just HAD to be at the fan appreciation/launch party for Puzzle Quest: Galactrix. And what better place to try the out the new game's versus mode than in a Dippin' Dots-fueled throwdown?

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