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Tootie My Horn

It's a hard-knock life in The Orphanage. Unreal Tournament 3 frags the PS3. Vader and Yoda in Soul Caliber IV? Plus Mad Men, and, because you demanded it, Dexter!

This week in Movies:

It is an international edition of the movie segment this week, starting with a review of the Spanish-language thriller, El Orfanato (The Orphanage), presented by Guillermo del Toro. One, two, three, the guys knock on the wall.

Meanwhile in Thailand, the Jackie Chan-esque legacy of stunt-laden martial arts films continues with Chocolate. Alex, Dan, and Jeff are impressed by the new trailer.

This week in Video Games:

Alex, Dan, and Jeff have played a bunch of Epic's newest frag-fest, Unreal Tournament 3 on both the PC and PS3. Does it compare to the great multiplayer experiences in Call of Duty 4 and Team Fortress 2?

One of Dan's favorite overlooked titles of 2007 was Stuntman: Ignition from THQ. Alex and Jeff give the game a whirl to see if they agree with Dan's high praise.

Namco-Bandai shocked the geek world this week, with announcemen of surprise characters in their upcoming fighter, Soul Caliber IV. The guys discuss the ramifications of playing Darth Vader and Yoda in SCIV!

This Week in TV:

Following the Best of 2007 episode , Alex, Dan, and Jeff received an overwhelming number of emails wondering why they hadn't included Showtime's Dexter in any of their top 5 lists for TV. Their reason? None of them had seen it! This week, they rectify the situation and give Dexter a proper review.

AMC's Mad Men has been receiving kudos from many critics, and even earned Golden Globe nominations. But is it rad?


The guys put-put over to the mini-golf course for an epic TRS showdown on the greens in the shade of the castle and windmill.

This week's email question asks the guys to look forward to the rest of 2008 for their most anticipated events. Expect some unexpected responses!


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