Wonder Woman and Locke & Key - TV Pilots Review

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Wonder Woman and Locke & Key - TV Pilots Review

We got our hands on the unaired Wonder Woman and Locke & Key TV pilots to find out why they'll never see the light of day.

Television pilots are the first, trial episodes that determine whether or not new series are given the green light. Dozens of these are made, and only a few are deemed good enough to earn full series pick-up by the networks, so there are many good and bad shows alike that the viewing public never gets to see. Alex, Dan, and Jeff have gotten a chance to see two such pilots, whose subject matter is so exciting to a geek audience that it is shocking they'll never make it to the screen. Why were the David E Kelly Wonder Woman pilot and the adaptation of Joe Hill's awesome comic book series Locke & Key not green lighted? Find out inside.

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