Twick - Mirror's Edge, Left 4 Dead, Need for Speed: Undercover, Special, JCVD

Is Mirror's Edge worth a leap of faith? Which one of us will be Left 4 Dead? The new Need for Speed: just Burnout for babies? Is Special special? Should u c JCVD?

This week in Movies:

Alex, Dan and Jeff take a look at 2 movies this week that aren't the big blockbusters. The first is Special, a super-hero movie unlike any other.

The second is the Jean-Claude Van Damme's smei-autobiographical drama, JCVD.

Could both these movies be worthwhile alternatives to Twilight?

This week in Video Games:

Mirror's Edge does a rare thing in video gaming these days: it tries something new. Alex, Dan, and Jeff take on this first-person parkour simulator to see if the concept actually works.

The long running Need for Speed series continues this fall with Need for Speed: Undercover, borrowing several concepts from Criterion's Burnout Paradise. Is it a solid alternative, or sad imitation?


The newest game from Valve is a 4-player co-operative shooter set during the Zombie Apocalypse. Watch the 4 TRS guys give it a go, and see who gets Left 4 Dead

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