Uber Gubious - State of Play, Crank: High Voltage, Demigod, The Unusuals, Southland

State of Play: does Crowe + Affleck = great movie? Crank 2: over-the-top fun, or just too much? Demigod: a PC game you should be playing? The Unusuals and Southland: which new TV police drama is worth your TiVo space?

This week in Movies:

By the director of Last King of Scotland and with an absolutely stellar cast, State of Play is a tense political thriller set during the decline of print media. Alex, Dan, and Jeff relinquish their new media and get some ink on their fingers for the review.

The first Crank was a boldly kinetic send up of action movies and video game violence. But is it possible to take over-the-top too far? Crank: High Voltage aims to find out.

This week in Video Games:

The new PC game, Demigod is inspired by the popular Warcraft mod, Defense of the Ancients. Despite its complete lack of a tutorial or single player campaign, can Alex, Dan, and Jeff find enough to like to recommend it?

This week in TV:

Two new cop dramas debuted the same week on American television. The guys check out Southland and The Unusuals to find out if there is any new ground to be covered in the tired police genre.

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