Umlaut - Terminator: Salvation, Punch-Out Wii, Bionic Commando, Sherlock Holmes trailer, Lost finale, Glee

We make Terminator: Salvation face judgment day. Is Punch-Out a contender? A major disagreement over Bionic Commando! Full Lost season finale discussion! Do we join the Glee club?

This week in Movies:

With the real Terminator governing the state of California, Christian Bale and Sam Worthington step up to take the franchise into the future. Are Alex, Dan, and Jeff thrilled by Terminator: Salvation, or have the machines won?

The guys weigh in on the new trailer for Guy Richie's version of Sherlock Holmes.

This week in Video Games:

A couple of old school fan-favorites have been re-imagined for the new generation of consoles.

First, Alex, Dan, and Jeff put the new Punch-Out for Wii through its paces.

Then, the guys debate the merits of Capcom's new take on Bionic Commando.

This week in TV:

Could Lost end up being one of the best speculative fiction tales in the history of television? The guys discuss the season finale.

The new musical show, Glee has Alex, Dan, and Jeff's attention. But is it worth watching?

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