Eisenheart - Indiana Jones 4, Haze, Top Gear, Dollhouse, Prince of Persia, and Fringe.

The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull turns everyone old. Is it worth peering into the Haze? And we wish we were Top Gear!

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This week in Movies:

In a feat akin to scaling geek Olympus, Alex, Dan, and Jeff attempt to wrap their minds around reviewing the forth Indiana Jones adventure, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Can it possibly live up to 20 years of anticipation?

This week in Video Games:

Sony is positioning Ubisoft and Free Radical's Haze as a major AAA title for the PS3. Alex, Dan, and Jeff juice themselves up on nectar and take it for a spin.

The first screensfor the new Prince of Persia have been released, featuring a brand new visual style. That, along with news of Jake Gyllenhaal cast in the big-bidget film series, has the guys discussing the Prince of Persia franchise's future across different media.

This week in TV:

You demanded it. You got it. Alex, Dan, and Jeff discuss the BBC and internet phenomenon, Top Gear.

And JJ Abrams' new shows each have new trailers. The guys adjust their expectations accordingly.

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