Winners - Incredible Hulk, The Happening, The Bourne Conspiracy, Webby Awards, and TRS New York meet-up

The Happening happened, but was The Hulk incredible? Is the Bourne Conspiracy a licensed game worth playing? Plus, the world's biggest fist-bump explosion rocks New York City!

This week in Movies:

Marvel's second big superhero movie of the summer, Incredible Hulk aims to out-smash the recent Ang Lee version. You better hope Alex, Jeff, and Dan like it; you wouldn't like them when they're angry.

The second rad release of the week is The Happening, the newest from auteur filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan. Is the guys' sixth sense about this one right?

This week in Video Games:

With only a couple hours of hands-on time with Metal Gear Solid 4, Alex, Dan, and Jeff instead discuss an overlooked - but surprising - release from a couple of weeks ago, The Bourne Consipracy. Did High Moon Studios figure out how to translate the Jason Bourne experience to a video game?

Jeff introduces a discussion of breadth vs. depth in gaming habits. Which kind of gamer are you?


Thanks to your votes, the Totally Rad Show won a Webby Award. Alex, Dan, Jeff, and Steve headed out to New York for the ceremony, and met up with the east coast fans along the way.

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