Wonky - inFamous, Drag Me to Hell, E3 preview, '77 trailer, and Dan Becomes a Man!

Special Summer outdoor episode! Do we go with good or bad for inFamous? Is Drag Me to Hell the ultimate horror movie? What does E3 have in store? Plus, Dan learns to rock!

This week in Movies:

Sam Raimi returns to the genre that started it all for him with Drag Me to Hell. Alex, Dan, and Jeff scream their way through a fright-filled review.

Another new film promises to bring us back to the summer of '77, when Star Wars was about to change everything. What do the guys think of the trailer?

This week in Video Games:

The new PS3 exclusive, inFamous combines open-world exploration with over-the-top super-hero powers. Sounds like the perfect game for Alex, Dan, and Jeff - but did they like it better when it was called Crackdown?

E3 begins this week! The guys give a sneak peek at the upcoming RevisionE3 live streams by talking about some of their most anticipated titles.


Rocking show sponsor Brutal Legend is giving away a kick-ass electric guitar. What better way to prepare than to have Dan Become a Man by learning to jam!

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