Your Mom - Speed Racer, Mario Kart Wii, Mirror's Edge, Bioshock Movie, and Mother's Day

Racing galore this week with Speed Racer, maybe the surprise of the Summer, and Mario Kart Wii, which contains no surprises at all. Plus, 300% more Moms!

This week in Movies:

The Waichowski Brothers rocketed to the top of the geek world when they released The Matrix, then came crashing down with its poorly received sequels. Speed Racer is their first project since, and marks quite a departure from the dark, violent world of Neo and co. Alex, Dan, and Jeff go speed go into the experience hoping for a return to form... do they get it? Bioshock, Jeff's favorite video game of 2007, is going to be a movie directed by Gore Verbinski. The guys speculate on its chances of actually being good.

This week in Video Games:

Another of Nintendo's staples has been retro-fitted for the Wii. Alex, Dan, and Jeff grab the new Wii-wheel and takeMario Kart Wii for a spin.

EA has released a new video for their new franchise, Mirror's Edge. Could this parkor action-adventure title be Dan's dream come true?


It's Mother's Day! The guys sit down with their moms and find out exactly how they were Raised on Rad.

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