FireFox Mouse Shortcuts

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FireFox Mouse Shortcuts

If you're like the millions of Firefox users out there, you probably think you know all there is to know about using the popular web browser. Well think again. While many of you know about the keyboard shortcuts in Firefox.... Did you also know that here are shortcuts for the Mouse too?

It's true and here are 3 of them guaranteed to make web browsing that much slicker.

1) Mouse Scroll Wheel Button

If you click on a web link using the scroll wheel of your mouse, the page will open up in a new tab. And if you click on the tab with the scroll wheel the tab will close.

2) The Shift Key + Mouse Scroll

The shift key plus the mouse wheel lets you skip the "forward" and "back" buttons on Firefox's navigation bar. If you hold down the shift key and scroll down, you'll return to your previous page. If you scroll up while holding the shift key you'll go to the next page.

3) The Ctrl Key + Mouse Scroll

Finally, here's a tip when running Firefox in Windows. To make text on a website bigger hold down the Ctrl key while scrolling up. If you made the text too big and need to shrink it a bit just scroll down while holding the Ctrl key.