Trim Your Fonts, Speed Up Boot Times

Tekzilla Daily Tip

Trim Your Fonts, Speed Up Boot Times

Fonts are a lovely way to dress up any project or document. But Fonts, especially TrueType fonts, can use quite a bit of system resources. So if you need to speed up Windows and don't mind losing some of the excess font-tage... consider trimming down your fonts to the ones you actually need.

To do this, just:

1. Open the Control Panel

2. Then Open the Fonts folder

3. Select and move fonts you don't need to a separate directory or folder. Do not delete them.

4. Reboot your machine.

You should now have a faster booting system. Now remember only remove the fonts you don't need and don't delete the ones you have removed. That way if you need a particular font or fonts returned... you can just drag them back in.