CES 2010: Motorola Backlflip Turns the Phone Inside Out

Best phone at CES: Motorola's new Backflip phone offers a unique twist on the cellphone.

It's a keyboard/full screen Android-based phone that folds in and out lengthwise. But instead of folding the keyboard on top of the screen like a traditional clamshell, the Backflip folds so the keyboard and the screen both stay on the outside!

Why do that? Well first, it lets the phone operate as a full-screen slate. And you can bend it forward half way to turn it into a stand-up media player, digital clock or photo frame. It also includes an amazingly innovative touch pad on the BACK of the screen, which lets you control the screen by touching the back of it.

No word on price or carrier, but it is a GSM phone, so it’ll be available on either AT&T or T-Mobile. Great phone, I can’t wait to use one.

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