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  • We Sell Our Underwear on The SourceFed Podcast

    Join Suppy, Sam, and Whitney as they talk about peeing in pools, their worst first dates, masturbation, and so much more!


  • Women Want Camel Toe Now?!

    Camel toe inserts are the latest weird as hell trend. Candy and Avy break down what they are and where you can get your very own.


  • No Pants Allowed On Subways

    Check out the No Pants Subway Ride 2017 official video! https://youtu.be/U7ePrBYb2wA


  • This Photo Got Calvin Klein In Trouble!

    A new Calvin Klein ad is getting flack! The Hyperloop has been tested! Smoking kills and Dominoes Pizza SAVES a life!


  • Do You Use the Pee Hole?

    We ask people in the office and find out who really uses the Pee Pee Hole.


  • Man Blames Porn Addiction for Upskirt Arrest 

    Is porn responsible for a Seattle man's upskirt videos?


  • Woman Struggles to Orgasm & the Internet Helps!

    Everything from live tweeting orgasms to the coolest archery this week, check out People Be Like!


  • The Real Life Underwear and Booze Delivery Service

    In this episode we cover surprising trends in home delivery, both past and present. Watch now for details on where you can get underwear and booze delivered to your home.


  • Penn Tries to Get Us Sued! - Penn Wears Spiderman Underwear

    Penn attempts to get Revision3 into a lawsuit with Marvel comics by showing off his underwear.

    Penn Point