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  • Escalating Privileges in Windows & Staged Reverse Shells - Hak5 2117

    Privilege escalation on Windows, Meterpreter Reverse Shells and Staged Payloads with the USB Rubber Ducky!


  • Linux Terminal 101: How to Change Your Identity

    Several user accounts can exist on one Linux machine, and you can easily create and remove them using these commands.


  • Linux Terminal 101: How to Use Permissions

    Permissions exist for Linux computers so more than one person can use a machine at one time and only be allowed to do certain things.


  • Which of Your Tweets are the Most Popular

    Wonder which of your tweets are the most popular? Twtrland can tell you which of your pictures people loved the most, or how many of your tweets contained links. Watch the video for the details.

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  • Turn Any Twitter into an RSS Feed

    Want to keep up with a Twitter-er without actually using Twitter? Just use RSS instead! Veronica explains how to turn those tweets into an RSS feed on today's Tekzilla Daily.

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  • How Popular are Your Tweets?

    If you've ever wondered who retweets you the most, or where your follows are most concentrated, Tweetsheet has all that info and more! On today's Tekzilla Daily, Veronica shows you how to get detailed data on your tweets.

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  • Starting a Social Network

    In this episode, Jay answers a question about what is needed technically and logistically to start a successful social network.

    Ask Jay

  • Professional Design Help

    In this episode, Jay discusses the merits of using professional help for logos, graphics, and design.

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  • Get Google Doc Alerts in Chrome

    Looking for a way to keep updated on modifications to your Google Docs? WatchDoc will let you know whenever someone makes a change, and Veronica has all the details on today's Tekzilla Daily.

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  • Google's Changing Algorithm

    What's up with Google and their changing search algorithm? Join us to discuss what Google's aiming at and what we can expect in the future! Also, see the new Han Solo novelty item that we absolutely NEED, and speaking of Google, the top 15 Gmail add-ons you never even knew existed!