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  • Are Gaming Conventions DYING?!

    Sam and Maude have been kidnapped. These two are imposters. Inform the FBI. They are among us. Also, we talk about Ghostbusters.

    SourceFed Nerd

  • 4 Modern City Building Games That Are Better Than SimCity

    For a long time SimCity dominated the city-building game market, but things have really changed in the past few years!

    Revision3 Blog

  • What Were the Coolest Things at E3 2014? - CASUAL FRIDAY

    E3 2014 is over! We take a look back at all our favorite moments from the past week.


  • Head2Head 4Play - Starwhal: Just the Tip!

    Head2Head 4Play continues with Starwhal: Just the Tip! Yeah, you heard right.

    SourceFed Nerd

  • Battlefield 4 Mantle Performance. DiskDigger Undelete Recovers Android Files! Viruses & External Drives. Buying Refurbished Gear. FreeFileSync Rocks!

    PCPer's Battlefield 4 Mantle performance. DiskDigger undeletes your Android files! Dealing with viruses & external drives.


  • Xbox One and PS4 Launch Title Picks

    Find out which Xbox One and PlayStation 4 launch titles are worth spending money on.


  • THE WITNESS: Jonathan Blow on his PS4 Open-World Puzzler - Adam Sessler Interview

    Adam Sessler recently got the chance to sit down with Jonathan Blow, the designer of Braid and the upcoming open-world puzzle game The Witness, headed to PS4 and PC in 2014. Learn about Jonathan's vision for his non-linear puzzles, and how he considers difficulty differently than most other games.

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  • Video Game Names: What's the Name of the Game? What's in a Name?

    This week, Adam, Max and Tara lament the overuse of particular words in game titles.

    Casual Friday

  • The Last of Us REVIEW! Adam Sessler Reviews

    As the era of the PS3 comes to a close, The Last of Us stands as one of the few remaining major exclusives. Does it live up to Naughty Dog's pedigree, and provide a satisfying close to the generation? Watch Adam Sessler's review to find out.

    Rev3Games Reviews

  • Xbox One Controller and New Kinect HANDS-ON! Adam Sessler's Reaction

    Adam Sessler just got to go hands-on with the Xbox One's all new Kinect and controller. What does he think of the improved camera, redesigned controller, and brand new trigger haptics? Watch his reaction to find out!

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