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  • Hologram Porn Coming to Your Phone, via CamSoda

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  • How To Survive Christmas from SourceFedNERD!

    Sam's got the hot tips, tricks, and recommendations to survive the holidays!

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  • Watching Virtual Reality Porn w/ Steve Zaragoza

    Virtual Reality is getting more and more real by the day. Today Steve and Will find out just how real virtual reality gets.

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  • The Saddest Kids You Know

    We thought last week was Maude's last TableTalk but we dug this one up too.


  • Virtual Reality: What's Next?

    We attended Virtual Reality Los Angeles to see what new concepts big and small companies are working on for the VR space.


  • Google Daydream: Is Your Phone "Daydream Ready"?

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  • Google claims to know the key to VR success

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  • E3 2016 Wrap-Up - The Good, The Bad, and The OK!

    The SourceFedNERD Gang got to head down to E3 this week and experience all it had to offer! This is their story. *dun dun*

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  • Sony WINS E3 2016!

    Ubisoft and Microsoft's E3 conferences were pretty good, but Sony just slayed the competition!

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  • Injustice 2 Trailer HYPE!

    What's the Most Popular Pokemon EVER?!

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