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  • Are Gaming Conventions DYING?!

    Sam and Maude have been kidnapped. These two are imposters. Inform the FBI. They are among us. Also, we talk about Ghostbusters.

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  • Pokemon GO Nearby Feature Explained!

    Let's talk about the possibility of a live action Pokemon Movie!

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  • WARCRAFT has BEST Opening Weekend EVER! WHERE?!

    New stories with a new face! Writer & comedian Louis Virtel joins Maude Garrett as they talk about epic Overwatch weapons made from Lego!

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  • Is the Warcraft Movie REALLY That Bad?

    PLUS more Pokemon Go details, Power Rangers already has its franchise planned out, and we're getting TWO Little Mermaid movies!

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  • Nintendo To Make Movies Again?!

    PLUS NASA is bringing Sci-fi to life, Fant4stic 2 is in the works maybe and MORE!

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  • Blizzcon 2015 - Best Cosplay & Warcraft Movie

    Maude hit up Blizzcon in Anaheim CA to chat with the cast of Warcraft, feebly attempts to be an Orc, and checks out the incredible cosplay!

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  • Warcraft Movie Footage Leaks! SDCC Controversy!

    Yet another piece of exclusive footage has leaked from special Hall H panels at SDCC, the Warcraft movie!

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  • Comic Con News! Warcraft Movie Trilogy, Iron Giant Re-Release and More!!

    Duncan Jones reveals his hopes for a Warcraft Trilogy and NEW footage for the Iron Giant re-release!

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