The Spirit of the First Season

Web Drifter

The Spirit of the First Season

A retrospective of the first season of Web Drifter.

Web Drifter is the most fun I've ever had in my career, and also the show I'm most proud of. Traveling around America with my producer Jay Speiden and cameraman Glenn McElhose (and sometimes Joey), you have no idea the kinds of insane adventures we had. The footage you saw of UFO cult leaders, Bigfoot hunters and wizards might seem wildly bizarre, but you should see what went on behind the scenes. And I wish we had all that footage on tape as well, because a show that shows what goes on behind the show that goes behind the website would be a pretty amazing show in its own right...

People often ask me how I keep a straight face when I'm talking to the stars of Web Drifter. And the answer is, I'm simply too fascinated by what these people are telling me to laugh, for fear I might miss something. And in many cases, like immortality ring inventor"">Alex Chiu, swamp-dwelling rubber fetishist Harold Ivey, Peter Pan Guy Randy Constan, Allen Michael and members of the One World Family, and many others, they have become friends with whom I still keep in regular contact.

So to wrap up Season One, we've put together a video retrospective of our favorite moments. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did putting it together, and very much look forward to bringing you Season Two in the fall. I hope you'll be here to once again ride shotgun.

-Martin Sargent