Voyage to Hollow Earth

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Voyage to Hollow Earth

A group of people led by Rodney Cluff are planning a ship's voyage to the North Pole, where they believe there's a hole that leads to a paradisaical civilization inside the earth. And you're invited to journey there with them...

We're in Sun City, Arizona and man, this place is shockingly weird. It's a community that sprang out of the desert near Phoenix in the 1960s for old people from the north, sick of shoveling snow, to winter in. It's a meticulously planned township and as such doesn't seem at all real. It's like a Social Security version of the suburban dystopia of Edward Scissorhands. Take a look at this aerial view of the place and then zoom in with your mind to one of those tiny, eerily silent, adjoined houses. I'm standing out in front of it, ready to ring the doorbell to meet our Web Drifting target, Rodney Cluff.

Standing outside Rodney's house, a house that looks exactly like the hundreds of others it's adjoined to, you'd never guess that such a mind-bogglingly revolutionary plan is being developed within. A plan that, if it works, will forever change the course of human existence.

Rodney, you see, is a Hollow Earther. His website,, will tell you all about it. Essentially, he's one of a very, very small percentage of people, most of whom, strangely enough, are, like Rodney, Mormon, who believe that the earth is not filled with rock and magma and molten nickel, but rather with another world. A better world. A paradise populated by a highly advanced, peaceful, superior race of beings. It's where the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel got lost to as well as the Vikings and other global dropouts. And not surprisingly, Rodney wants to go there to be part of it all. Best part is, you're invited to journey there with him.

Rodney, in association with a physicist and explorer who also hosts a paranormal Internet radio show named Dr. Brooks Agnew of the Phoenix Science Foundation, is planning a voyage to Hollow Earth. They're trying to secure funding to charter a Russian nuclear ice breaker and sail to the North Pole, where they believe there's a hole that leads to the interior of the planet. A hole they'll either sail through or, according to Rodney, be met at the edge of by a welcoming committee of the citizenry Hollow Earth who will carry anyone who wants to leave the ship to the planet's interior using their highly advanced space ships.

So are you sick enough of the exterior of our planet to get on a boat with Rodney, a bunch of Mormons, and a Russian crew to journey to the center of the earth in search of paradise? Better watch this special Christmas episode of Web Drifter, Voyage to Hollow Earth, before you make your decision...