Open Up and Say, "Ohhhh!"

Web Drifter

Open Up and Say, "Ohhhh!"

Martin web drifts the site of a doctor and his wife who "treat" people that get turned on by hospitals and medical devices. After watching this, you may stop Tivoing "Grey's Anatomy."

You don't have to spend much time on the Internet to realize that it's just lousy with perved out weirdos. There's a website for every sexual fetish you can imagine, and many more for ones you could never, ever imagine. Turned on by women coughing? Here you go. How about having sex with ferocious monsters? Go wild.

Now, you're probably thinking: that's all pretty tame stuff. Okay, hotshot, how about being mummified in Ace Bandages with an buzzing electric catheter up your urethra and a cold steel speculum spreading your ass open to ready it for your hot vodka enema? Chances are when you played doctor as a kid, none of that was involved. Unless perhaps you grew up in Germany.

But that's precisely the kind of malpractice that goes on at People who get turned on by hospitals and medical devices likely set this remarkably bizarre site as their home page. WebMD this is not. And if you're really into this kind of thing, you can travel to far northern California to the clinic of Dr. Sebastian Wood and Nurse Laural to do a little more than turn your head and cough.

Martin Sargent checked in to that very clinic, and he'll be the first to tell you that spending 45 minutes in a straight jacket and a sensory deprivation gimp mask while being wheeled around on a gurney will forever change a man in fundamental, elemental ways. And you thought getting a prostate exam was uncomfortable....

Watch it!