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  • Deadpool 2 UPDATE: X-Force Spin-Off and Casting Rumors Confirmed?!

    Deadpool 2 is shaping up to be an epic sequel!

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  • Pix2Pix Tranforms Doodles into Actual Monsters! - SourceFedPLAYS!

    Pix2Pix is similar to Google's Quick Draw and the Deep Dream online image generator.

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  • Sam and Filup Got Beef on Bloopers!

    Watch Sam and Filup defend their nerd honor on an all Nerd Bloopers!

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  • I Expect You To Die - SourceFedPLAYS!

    Will, Whitney and Matt try to be Spies... they are not very good. It's an all new episode of SourceFedPLAYS!

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  • American Horror Story VS 2016 Election - Season 7 Speculations!

    Does this mean we'll be seeing Sarah Paulson as Hillary and Evan Peters as Trump? Not a clue, but let's speculate!

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  • Hottest Nerd Couples! Who's Best?

    It's Valentine's Day and the nerds are celebrating with the top, hottest, romances in all of nerdom.

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  • SourceFed Does SHARKTANK! on The SourceFed Podcast

    Visit http://www.squarespace.com/SourceFed and enter offer code "SourceFed" to get 10% off your first purchase.


  • Million Dollars But... on SourceFedPlays!

    Sam, Matt, Whitney, and Filup play for millions of dollars.

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  • You Don't Know Jack - SourceFedPLAYS

    You Don't Know Jack is the irreverent trivia party game to end all irreverent trivia party games!

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    Nowadays it seems like every normal product has a "smart" counterpart- but some of them turn out to be just plain dumb.

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