• First U.S. Presidential Debate 2016 - Must Watch

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  • WOW! Did They Really Think No One Would Notice?! That is ridiculous.

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    The Philip DeFranco Show

  • Flash Season 3 Trailer Reaction! (And Netflix/ABC Marvel Crossover?)

    The Flash Season 3 Trailer, Run Devil Run, has dropped and so have our jaws. Kid Flash looks great! Also, we've got a new Luke Cage Trailer!

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  • Mondays: Using Temp Music & Lighting a Scene

    Ryan talks lighting a scene, the do's/don't of directing and using temp music in your film!

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  • Yahoo Hacked: Why did Yahoo wait to tell us?

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    Android Authority

  • Resources For Filmmakers - 2016

    Ryan gives a list of his favorite online resources for filmmakers!

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  • DeFranco Office Tour!!!

    Sup you beautiful bastards?! Follow me while I give yo faces a tour of the office!


  • Hangover Free Alcohol?!


  • Spit-Takes/Out-Takes on Nerd Bloopers!

    Spit flies and hilarity ensues on an all new Nerd Bloopers!

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  • iPhone 7 vs Galaxy S7: Camera Smackdown

    Apple claims the iPhone 7's camera is one of the best around. We put it up against the Galaxy S7 to see if that's true.