Lean Back and Watch Revision3

Revision3 shows have arrived on your television! There are several easy options to get the best leanback experience for your home, including Google TV, Yahoo! Connected TV, Windows Media Center, Boxee, Apple TV & Roku.
What is it?

Tired of watching Revision3 on your computer, laptop or ipod and their tiny screens? Now you can go big by bringing Revision3 to your living room. We've developed a new experience that allows you to sit back and watch your favorite Revision3 shows on the big screen!

How to use it

We understand that everyone has a different home theater setup, so we're working to make Revision3 accessible on as many platforms and technologies as possible. If you have a web enabled TV device, just head to tv.revision3.com or you can use one of these 5 options that we have officially optimized Revision3 for!

Where to get it

The options for watching Revision3 in a lean back form will keep growing, but right now, you can get the immediate experience from Google TV, Windows Media Center, Yahoo Connected TV, Boxee, Roku and Apple TV.

  • GoogleTV
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  • Yahoo! Connected TV
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  • Windows Media Center
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  • Boxee
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  • Roku
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  • AppleTV
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