Guacamelee REVIEW!

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Guacamelee REVIEW!

Here's Max Scoville's review of Guacamelee, the Metroidvania beat-em-up about a magical luchadore trying to rescue El Presidente's daughter.

Guacamelee! is Drinkbox Studios' Mexican-themed fusion of Metroidvania explortation-based-platforming and classic beat-'em-up action. Take on the role of Juan the humble agave farmer as he travels to the land of the dead to become a superpowered Luchadore in order to rescue El Presidente's daughter from the evil Charro skeleton, Carlos Calaca.

Likes: Charming, silly story Colorful, unique aesthetic All-around satisfying gameplay experience

Dislikes: Chicken-mode not upgradeable Score: 5 out of 5

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Guacamelee is available now for both Playstation 3 and PS Vita for $14.99 as a cross-buy title.