Shark Week 2013


  • Does Cage Diving Make Sharks More Dangerous?

    Shark cage diving is an extreme vacation activity: one that's been gaining popularity. But is it actually as dangerous as it seems?

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  • 6 Insane Animals That Live in Volcanos

    Most sharks live in the ocean, but did you know that some manage to live inside a volcano? How is this possible?


  • Which Animals Never Stop Growing?

    Most humans stop growing when they become a young adult, but what about other animals? Are there animals that never stop growing?


  • This Video Is The Next Best Thing To Swimming With Sharks

    This amazing virtual reality experience is like your own personal shark cage.

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  • How Will You Die?

    The likelihood that we will all die is 100%.

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  • How Do Fish Sleep?

    Marine animals sleep underwater... but how?!


  • Why Surfers Risk Their Lives For The Perfect Wave

    Cortes Bank is one of the most dangerous surf spots in the world. Pro surfer Greg Long knows firsthand how ruthless it can truly be.

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  • The Future Of Shark Conservation

    Scared of sharks? Maybe you shouldn't be.

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  • The Story of a Transgender Professional Surfer

    Meet Westerly Windina.

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