Shark Week 2012


  • Tree Chopping Simulator (IT'S EVERYTHING YOU DREAMED OF)

    There comes a time, when you need to find out if you can survive in the open wild. Where sharks ignore you and tree's are your worst enemy.

    Super Panic Frenzy

  • Shark Week and Tiny Elephants on #TableTalk!

    Sam, Maude and Steve read your topics from the bowl.

    SourceFed Nerd

  • Man Punches Shark to Save Kids!

    A man encounters a tiger shark while surfing with his 3 kids!


  • Sharks are Attacking the Internet!

    Google needs to reinforce 100,000 miles of their underwater fibre-optic cables because sharks are attracted to the cable's magnetic fields and are biting them as a result.


  • The Shark That Shark Week Forgot

    It's Shark Week, and while we're sure that you are inundated with terrifying new facts about zombie sharks and sharks from space, there is an even more invasive species that you need to be concerned with. Please watch the following video and be sure to spread awareness on your social media outlets.

    The New Show

  • Shark Week Attacks SourceFed!

    Matt and Trisha check out FinFest2014, touch some sharks, and more.

    SourceFed Nerd

  • Why Sharks Are Better Than You

    Face it, sharks are better than you...It's just science. Watch this video to find out why.


  • Free! Season 2: Eternal Summer On Anime Club

    Will and Reina break down the bromance of Free! Season 2: Eternal Summer.

    SourceFed Nerd

  • 8 Things Deadlier Than Sharks

    Spending your summers afraid to go in the water? This video should help you get over your fear of the ocean...your fears of other things, well, that's another story entirely. Watch now for 8 things you should be more afraid of than sharks!


  • Why We Need More Animal Video Games! Casual Friday: Shark Week Edition

    This week on Casual Friday it's Shark Week edition. Watch the gang reflect on the dinosaurs of the sea, and why we don't have more video games where you star as an animal. Plus: is Australia the shark of countries?

    Casual Friday