• The Safety of Hydrogen Fuel Vehicles

    We're back with Matt McClory to talk about our biggest reservation with using hydrogen fuel: the safety aspect.

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  • The Future of Filling Up

    The most common way to generate hydrogen in the US is still reliant on fossil fuels. Air Liquide is trying to change that.

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  • Powering a Home with Your Car

    What do you do when your house is left with no power during a natural disaster? Plug in your car of course!

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  • The Road to Hydrogen Infrastructure

    Infrastructure is key!

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  • The Science Behind Hydrogen Fuel Vehicles!

    Brainiac Jonathan Strickland from HowStuffWorks breaks down the science behind hydrogen fuel cells and talks the future of automobiles.

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  • Toyota's Big Announcement at CES 2015!

    We're at CES 2015 to check out Toyota's big announcement!

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  • Best Winter Apps For Android

    Want your phone to be prepared for winter? Then these are the apps you need!

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  • Make Your Favorite Gloves Work With a Touchscreen!

    Why waste money on gloves that are already "touchscreen compatible," when you can make your own for just a few bucks?

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  • Epson Home Cinema 3500 Review, Maltego Finds Hidden Info, 3 Amazing Wearables, Survive Black Friday & Guestapalooza: Veronica, Robert, Jessica, More!

    Today's is a special episode of Tekzilla! We've rounded up all of our favorite people in one place for a Guestapalooza.


  • The Coolest Stuff at DEMO 2014!

    DEMO 2014 had some amazing new technologies and companies to show off, and these were some of our favorites!

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